Orespawn Easy Installer – Girlfriends, Mobzilla and many more Items!

Orespawn Mod brings hundreds of new items to Minecraft, and also new mobs (passive and hostile) over 5 new dimensions, many structures, bosses, and minerals, which when collected and combined with other items can turn eggs to spawn several creatures – hence the mod name.

For the lonely hearts it also includes girls in the mod. Just threat them right with a flower and there’s a chance they will fall in love. One of the most famous items of Orespawn is the Big Bertha, a giant sword that gives 500 hearts damage and is extremely difficult to create. Overall an awesome mod, I highly recommend it!

How to install Ore Spawn 20.3 for Minecraft?

  1. Download EasyMod Ore Spawn installer for windows clicking on the button above or here.
  2. Run the installer and wait for EasyMod to configure the installation folder and verify your Minecraft version. If you do not have the right version of Minecraft installed EasyMod is going to open the Minecraft Launcher and set it to the right version. Press the play button and wait for the download to complete.
  3. Enjoy! A shortcut for the game will be created on your computer desktop, just open it whenever you want to play.