Combat Pack Easy Installer – First person shooter for Minecraft!

If you have your heart divided between Minecraft and your favorite FPS game this mod is everything you have been waiting for!

it has a perfect aiming and shooting system that will make you feel like you are playing your favorite First Person Shooter game like Counter Strike or Battlefield, but in your own Minecraft World!

Combat Pack adds lots of different weapons such as the classics Desert Eagle and AK 47 to P90s and RPGs. Also tons of combat vehicles and a Arena map to play with your friends.

Download Installer

How to install Combat Pack for Minecraft?

  1. Download EasyMod Combat Pack installer for windows clicking on the button above or here.
  2. Run the installer and wait for EasyMod to configure the installation folder and verify your Minecraft version. If you do not have the right version of Minecraft installed EasyMod is going to open the Minecraft Launcher and set it to the right version. Press the play button and wait for the download to complete.
  3. Enjoy! A shortcut for the game will be created on your computer desktop, just open it whenever you want to play.

Obs: You need to have the Minecraft Launcher for windows installed on your computer. Download it from the official website on this link.

All credits for the mod Combat Pack go to the creators: lptm0ric and dmf444