Category: Minecraft

Orespawn Easy Installer – Girlfriends, Mobzilla and many more Items!

Orespawn Mod brings hundreds of new items to Minecraft, and also new mobs (passive and hostile) over 5 new dimensions, many structures, bosses, and minerals, which when collected and combined with other items can turn eggs to spawn several creatures – hence the mod name. For the lonely hearts...
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TNT and Explosives for Minecraft – With Easy Installer

Who doesn’t love explosions? If you are a normal person nothing is going to bring you instant fun like this mod. Easily carve an entire new cave with a 50x TNT or, if you want to go hardcore, why not explode a decent sized Minecraft island in a couple of...
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Combat Pack Easy Installer – First person shooter for Minecraft!

If you have your heart divided between Minecraft and your favorite FPS game this mod is everything you have been waiting for! it has a perfect aiming and shooting system that will make you feel like you are playing your favorite First Person Shooter game like Counter Strike or Battlefield, but in...
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