Category: Minecraft 2

Orespawn Easy Installer – Girlfriends, Mobzilla and many more Items!

Orespawn Mod brings hundreds of new items to Minecraft, and also new mobs (passive and hostile) over 5 new dimensions, many structures, bosses, and minerals, which when collected and combined with other items can turn eggs to spawn several creatures – hence the mod name. For the lonely hearts...
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TNT and Explosives for Minecraft – With Easy Installer

Who doesn’t love explosions? If you are a normal person nothing is going to bring you instant fun like this mod. Easily carve an entire new cave with a 50x TNT or, if you want to go hardcore, why not explode a decent sized Minecraft island in a couple of...
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Traincraft – 80+ trains and other moving vehicles for Minecraft

Do you love trains? And Minecraft? If the answer is yes for both those question you absoluetely need to check out this awesome mod for Minecraft 1.6.4.  It adds lots of different trains, vehicles and blocks. All the trains are fully controllable by the player adding even more to the...
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