Software for Game Design and Development

Welcome to Celo software, the site for online developing software. Softwares are the programming unit of any computer. If the hardware is the body and organs, the software is the brain and mind of the computer. Any device without software will be as useless as a lunatic with a healthy body. So is the importance of software. Here in this article, we shall discuss the software that is used to build games in particular. Game design and development is also known as interactive entertainment is a huge industry and employes around  150,000 U.S. workers. It provides entertainment to more than 155 million of the population of America  and in 2014, generated sales of $22.41 billion, that included the software, the hardware, and other gaming accessories. The industry has been growing at a staggering  10 percent rate annually, compared to a mere 2.4 percent growth of the entire US economy.  In 2012, Game design and development contributed $6.2 billion to the total GDP of the US. On the Celo Software website, you will also find featured games created with our software’s help and even try playing some of them for free. Navigate to and play some unique slots and see if you like the design and gameplay of our latest releases.

Software for Designing Games

There is plenty of online software flooding in the market which you can use to design and develop your games. But here is a list of the 8 best online softwares for game design and development through which you can work wonders creating your patent games for Android, iOS, and Personal computers:

  1. Gamesalad: features like drag-and-drop visual interface, behavior library, physics engine fully integrated, gives the game developer ample freedom and choice.
  2. Stencyl: the toolset and platform support of stencil is amazing. Advanced game developers have the freedom to code, import library, etc widening their choices
  3. Gamemaker:Studio: its an ideal software for newbies as well as advance game developers due to its shader effects, 2D physics engine support, etc
  4. Flowlab: it gives the freedom of developing iOS and Android games right in their browsers
  5. Sploder: best for building arcade games, space adventure, shooter games
  6. ClickTeam Fusion 2.5: it provides simple coding for advanced game developers
  7. Construct 2: features like HTML game builder, flexible behaviors, path-finding, platforms, fade movements, and many other basic utilities make this software one of the most recommendable.
  8. GameFroot: an open community where developers can discuss their ideas with each other. The best platform to create pixelated games.

Online Games Designed by Celo Software

There are hundreds of game designs and developments by the super effective Celo software which are available online. We here are trying to give you a  list of the games at a glance:

  1. Gamesalad: Roll Turtle, Get Fiquette, Mazes of Karradash, Gigi & Lily, WordForWord, Bass Drop, HEAVY sword Game, Asylum Night Shift, Figuromo, Puzzle Dozer
  2. Stencyls: Super Dangerous Dungeons, Wrassling, Duke Dashington, Impossible Pixel, Dunkers, Heart Star, Super Hyper, Eye Awake, Worp, Crayon Poke
  3. GameMaker: Studio: 10 Second Ninja X, 12 Is Better Than 6, Alone with You, AM2R, Another Perspective, Bamboo EP, Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Battleships Forever, Blackhole, Blazing Chrome, Clean Asia!
  4. Flowlab: Zombie Beach Party, 2, The Graveyard, Starblast 2, Color Quest, Game team V6 18.19, Legend of Zorba, Trump’s Meme Fight, Morton the Monkey, Dog Walk
  5. Sploder: raft, The Michigan Enemy, Super Sparrow Bros, Saving Princess Bricc, Captured Again!, Kill Creatingames, Swamp Chambers Rework, The Epic Platformer RPG Pt. 2, Tails The Fox, Psychic Physics
  6. ClickTeam Fusion 2.5: quadle, Spud’s Quest, Faulty Flap, Vincere Tottus Astrum, Room 13, Roving In the Dark, Anahita, Bit Odyssey, Necromonades, Indie Games
  7. Gamefroot: Super Bounce, Newton Hidden Object Game, Vensian Vengeance, Asteroids, Classic Minimal, No Assets?, my first game ever !, El heroe saltarín, Hayden Smith Cave Run, Warrior Game



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 Thank you for Believing

We just want to say thank you for all the support you have been giving us through all these years, Without the loyal fans and games, Celo software would not be where it is now. We truly hope that with the help of our software, you will keep making more and more such games in the future. Stay tuned and learn about all the improvements we are bringing into the process. Game on!

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